Hello! I’m Nina Pushpakumara, a rising actor whose journey began three years ago in Budapest. After initial workshops, I deepened my skills through a six-month course and later became an essential member of a senior amateur theater group in Poland. In 2021, I collaborated with fellow thespians to bring to life a play based on the compelling drama of Sybille Berg.

My dedication to the craft led me to the Meisner technique, and I commenced a two-year course in September 2023. This immersive journey has not only refined my acting skills but also deepened my understanding of the emotional nuances that make acting an art form.

Beyond the stage, I’ve gathered diverse life experiences globally—ranging from technology and finance to dance and cooking. Fluent in English and Polish, I’m on the journey to master Spanish. I am enthusiastic about bringing my evolving skills and passion to the screen.

Eager to showcase the depth of my acting abilities and share the authenticity of my life experiences, I am actively seeking projects that will allow me to express my unique perspective. Excited for the opportunities ahead, I look forward to contributing to the world of acting with fresh energy and dedication.



Name: Nina Angela
Surname: Pushpakumara
Age: 28
Height: 165cm
Clothing size: 40/42/L
Shoe size: 39
Ethnicity: Multiracial

UPDATE: 01.2024